Alca Easy-Going 2-Pck Men T-Shirt V-Neck

Alca Classic T-shirt in de kleuren Marine, Grijs, Wit & Zwart met v-hals. T-shirts speciaal voor de man met een buikmaatje meer.
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Revolutionary New T-shirt

Alca Fashion is an online store with specially designed basic T-shirts for men with a waist size from 1XL to 8XL. An Alca Classic T-shirt is designed to fit perfectly at the shoulder line and chest.

The Alca T-shirt is also uniquely and stylishly adapted at the bottom for men with a larger size.

The refined fit even manages to better camouflage a substantial belly size.

Result: a much better appearance.

The Alca T-shirt is more precisely tailored to the male body proportions between the extra-large waist size, chest, and shoulders.

Advantages of the Alca Classic T-shirt

The Alca T-shirt fits perfectly both above and below.

Elastic and flexible due to 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

The choice of cotton is of excellent quality, preventing the fabric from sagging.

Soft thanks to combed cotton.

The fabric is perfectly moisture-absorbing.

Stays beautiful for a longer period.

Equipped with a transfer, so no discomfort from annoying labels.

Before the cotton is spun, the short fibers are first removed from the cotton. This leaves the longer yarns. The Alca cotton T-shirt is therefore stronger, softer, less prone to pilling, even after many washes.

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SKU 11-296
Merk Alca Fashion
Genre d'article T-shirt col v
Pour Homme
Matériel 95% Cotton / 5% Elastane
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